deceptively delicious

i'm cooking my way through this book, and wanted to introduce you to it if you haven't already seen it. i almost didn't get it, the main reason being that i don't like the idea of tricking kids into eating vegetables.  i love that my boys can eat steamed broccoli without having to be bribed or tricked.  God gave us vegetables for our nourishment and i don't have the opinion that they should be something that kids are forced to eat.  

that being said, i am looking for a way to incorporate more veggies into simple meals, and i've always been intrigued by this book.  (there's already a second one out!)  every. single. recipe. is delicious and we are all pretty amazed.  i always tell everyone what "secret ingredient" is in our dinner, and also serve my same vegetable sides, but i have to admit that if you are a mother and your child (OR HUSBAND) won't eat veggies, this is a pretty great concept.

i don't find making the purees to be that big of a task (even though every time i do it, i wince that i didn't make my own baby food).  i am happy to eat the extra veggies myself and i find that they enhance the taste of the food, and add an extra dimension.  for example, i especially enjoy the cous cous, not seasoned with herbs and spices, but sweet potato and butternut squash and the darkest, richest chocolate pudding i've ever tasted, made not with cream, but using avocado as it's creamy base.  pretty crazy!  pretty fantastic.