accidental vegetarian

 cous cous patties in olive oil

my dinner!  i grilled chicken breasts for the boys.

i didn't really mean to become a vegetarian.  (joke: how do you know if someone is a vegetarian?  oh, they'll TELL YOU.)  i guess it all began when i started to have cramps after i ate and i felt like the hormones were affecting me negatively.  i just wanted to eat as "clean" and healthy as possible so i decided to try it and looked online for recipes and was overwhelmed at the variety!  there are so many great options and ideas out there that i decided to try one new recipe a week and experiment with making up my own on the other days. i've been doing this for quite a while and i have a nice little group of recipes that i'll be sharing in future posts.  

one of my favorite recipes is one that i made up:


2 cups prepared cous cous 
one diced tomato
1/4 cup grated parmesan
one egg
salt & pepper

combine and form into patties.  saute in olive oil for a few minutes
on each side until heated through and lightly browned.

if you want to try a vegetarian diet, but don't think you can with a family, i have an easy way to try it out.  cook a vegetarian side with your dinner and have that as your main course.  as an added bonus, you can serve it to your family as an extra side and they might like even like it!   all three of my boys like the above recipe.

update:  i have incorporated a little meat back into my diet, but i make sure it's organic and the best i can buy.  expensive much?  YES, but it's our body's fuel.  i see it as in investment into my family's future health.  i love the idea of food as preventative medicine.