my beauty secrets: argan oil

the static electricity that my hair generates could power a small device.  argan oil is my trick to tame the beast. i do not have the type of hair that would normally do well with any type of oil, but i put the TINIEST bit on my outer layer and on my ends after styling, and i stay static free (and shiny) all day. this little bottle from sally's is NOT the moroccan oil that everyone seems to be using these days. i should probably bite the bullet and buy myself an expensive bottle of 100% moroccan oil, but i am absolutely obsessed with the scent of this one.  i use it on my hands and cuticles when they are dry and it has done for them what no lotion could during this cold winter. the smell fades quickly, but i enjoy it until it does...

UPDATE 3/9/13:  i would not recommend this product for bleached hair.  i recently had blond highlights put in my brunette hair, and they turned orange after about a week.  i went back to my stylist in dismay, and the first question she asked me was "are you using argan oil?"  i had been, every day.  she was able to strip out the buildup with a special shampoo that returned my blond to the original platinum.
so be careful!  it's wonderful, but best on natural dark hair.  

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