my beauty secrets: baby powder

i made it all the way through this holiday season without wearing my false eyelashes.  (i'm really not sure when the need to attach fake hair to my head for every special occasion started.)  ANYWAY, i saw a pin early last fall that showed how to enhance your eyelashes with baby powder.  they suggested dipping a q-tip in the powder and lightly dusting the tips of your lashes between coats.  well, if a little is good, wouldn't a lot be great?  i put a some baby powder in a small container and after the first coat of mascara (i use maybelline's lash stiletto) i dip my finger in the powder and "push" it onto my lashes.  i do this about 5 times, or until the top lashes are fully coated.  then i apply my second coat of the same mascara.

i love using two mascaras.  the second one seems to build on where the first one left off.  for an evening out, i apply a THIRD coat (but no more baby powder) of another mascara. (i use maybelline's falsies.) i don't use an eyelash curler because of the "check mark" shape that it creates, but at this point i push up on my lashes with my finger to create a little lift.  i also separate any clumps with a straight pin.  apply a fourth coat if desired...

clockwise from top left: bare lashes, after one coat, pushing the powder onto my lashes, my trusty tools

the result:

i stopped at 2 coats here, and one light coat on the bottom lashes.
after all, i'm just going to the post office today. 

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