my beauty secrets: biotin

i am a little hesitant mentioning a supplement as a beauty secret.  the world of supplements and vitamins is a slippery slope and an expensive habit.  it is a HUGE industry, and i believe that God really gives all that we need to sustain us in our food, granted we choose it wisely.  that being said (and stepping down from my soapbox), i have found two that WORK FOR ME.  they may not work for everyone and i have heard of biotin affecting some people's skin adversely, but it is the first thing in years that has given my poor hair its first sign of growth and thickness, and i've tried pretty much everything.  i've been taking it for about 4 months.  

i take four of these a day the week before my period, and my pms is GONE.  i call it a beauty secret, because bloating and breakouts were my two main issues and they are no more.  i've only been using this for 3 months, but i'm very happy with the results.  

these can be found at any drugstore and are relatively inexpensive. 

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  1. love biotin! i also use it daily. i also use argan/moroccan oil daily.

    so actually the last two posts, i've been singing AMEN as i read them.

    keep up the beauty tips. i love reading them. it definitely reassures the measures that i am doing already, but gives me new ideas.

    love, hannah