a week of lunches

my boys have always loved my simple little lunches.  i found these reusable containers at kroger, and this is my kindergartner's lunch for 5 days.  not pictured are the drinks, but i usually give him an organic milk or juice box.   i also like to make pasta salad on occasion, and annie's brand has a great selection of different crackers and snacks, but this is what i had on hand this week:

pb & j on honey wheat goldfish bread and cheetos natural puffs.
jello pinwheels recipe found here.

turkey and cheddar on mini bagel and veggie straws.

pb & j with broccoli and carrots and chocolate pretzels.
we also love the yogurt covered pretzels and raisins!

turkey and cheddar with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes.
applesauce pouches are the best!

i like to have a little theme for special occasions.
it doesn't take much effort and it makes their day extra special!  
here is an all-orange halloween lunch.