pantry makeover

i have the smallest pantry ever.  it's basically just a little closet with very shallow shelving and it was getting impossible to keep everything organized.  i found these wire-framed canvas totes at walmart for $5 each and they fit just perfectly.  when i want to bake, i can just pull out the "baking" basket.  it's also nice to have a "snacks" basket available so the boys can easily choose their own.  i went for the red (i'm trying to incorporate a little COLOR into my home), even though i initially went for the cream.  they also have green and black.  i might just have to find uses for the other colors around the house...

UPDATE:  i added contact paper!


  1. I have a similar problem with my pantry, it's like a small closet with four shelves so i'm ready to do something with it this week. I like the canvas baskets to store things and keep things in there neatly makes it look very pretty and organized.

    1. thanks for the comment. best of luck to you on your pantry makeover!