iced coffee

if you come by my house during the warm weather months, there's a good chance you'll be offered one of my iced coffees!  i've been having them so frequently that i make a container every morning and drink (or serve) it throughout the day.  it's nice to have for play dates as a treat for the mothers and thanks to my lovely sister for the new anthro pitcher, i can now serve it in style.

here's how i like it:
3 parts coffee to one part milk (i usually brew half-caffeinated.)
sweeten to taste before refrigerating (i've been using torani syrup purchased at sam's)

my newest twist on this is to make a tray of coffee ice cubes every morning too.  one 10 oz. mug fills up one tray and it prevents the watered down taste that most iced drinks have after a few minutes in the hot sun.

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