pinterest (almost) killed the blogging star.

ok. i'm not one of those who goes around saying they are "addicted" to it, but in the wee hours of the morning, what am i doing? dissolving aspirin to make face masks, drawing on oranges with sharpies and putting vaseline on my eyelashes (plus a host of other insane things found on pinterest). it really is a quick and easy way to search for new ideas, but seriously, who ever thought of rolling up their hair in a sock until now? i still use the gawker family of sites: here and here. (there's also a wedding one.) i like them because there aren't as many repeats and there's no social networking element, which i'm apparently very bad at. but i appreciate pinterest for that fact that i can see what inspires others, which i find fascinating, and i love the collection of photographs that i've amassed.

i just had to address this little phenomenon. everything is getting really cute and i'm getting a little burned out.


  1. umm...I havent seen these ones you are referring to and I want to!!! hair in socks? what?!!!

  2. search "aspirin mask"- it works amazingly well. vaseline apparently promotes lash growth and just search "sock bun".

  3. sock buns work! i love the idea, and yes your words for pinterest are perfect, shanda. "easy" "new" and "inspiring (to some degree)"-- I still like to keep all my true inspirations filed away under "ideas" folder on my desktop or better, shoe box. :)