cheap and easy photo canvas

i've always loved the look of these, but i just couldn't cough up the $100+
that everyone seems to want for them. 

first of all, i ordered the 16X20 poster online from walmart for about $12.  (they are cheaper if you wait for the sales.)  i had this canvas already, but you can buy 2 16X20 canvases at hobby lobby for under $5.  (use the 40% off coupon if they aren't already half off.)  i painted the sides of the canvas black and just tacked the photo on the front with spray adhesive.  the entire process took under 10 minutes and the total cost was under $15.  i am going to mod podge over the front to give it that professional, finished look, but i can't decide if i want to use the glossy or the matte...

i would like to find some thicker, square canvases and do this again.  this wall also needs at least one more of this size, but i just wanted to share a work in progress.

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