the simple life: day one

it's been exactly one year since i began my personal challenge of living as naturally as possible.  (i haven't worn deodorant in 12 months...more on that to come.)  i had been saving bookmarked ideas and recipes for years, but i decided to make the jump last fall and i'm not really sure what took me so long.  i guess i'd never thought of myself as one of those on the fringe, "granola" if you will.  i surely did not want to become obsessed with any one thing.  i was at an age that seemed like a "halfway point" of sorts and found myself with less energy than i needed to take care of two little ones.  i just wanted to be resourceful and know that i was my best self. 

so, for the next week, i'll be sharing a few tips...and a few misses.  i'll preface this week by saying that i do not take myself too seriously in this newest walk.  we are fortunate to even have breath and i'm just grateful to have stewardship over this body and home that i've been given. 

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