day six: food

i approach this day with a little hesitation, because i feel that too much importance has been placed on food in the lives and minds of women today. our culture has told us that there is only one kind of beauty, but it is a LIE.  God made every single woman on earth to be uniquely beautiful and His design is perfect.  food has become something to fantasize about, over-indulge in, and despise.  this guilt cycle has to be broken! 

when i am out or at a party or special occasion, i don't say "i can't eat that" and i have no guilt when i actually do because i know that in my DAY TO DAY life i am eating what i feel comfortable with.  it doesn't have to be a public show.  i won't label myself because food doesn't control me, i control it, but i do believe in eating whole foods and three healthy meals a day.  we have strayed from the way that God intended us for to be eating, and he certainly never meant food to be such a source of agony for so many people.  if a food label has a paragraph of ingredients that i can't pronounce, i don't buy it.  i also don't like "lo-fat" or "fat-free"-they have also been chemically altered.   

i decided to make these small changes last fall: 

1. i sweeten my coffee with stevia.
2. i switched to whole wheat and multi-grain on everything.
3. i don't serve a starch at dinner (unless we have company). 
i replace it with another vegetable side. 
4.  we don't eat out as much (as a bonus, we've saved a lot of money).

they've made all the difference.  i did not start this to lose weight, but to be healthy for my family, but i have gone down one dress size, much to the dismay of my mother.  i don't spend the money on organic (even though i do love organic yogurt and cereal), and i shop at sprouts, kroger and my wonderful local farmer's market.  i've made friends with the owners!  i cook with chicken, fish and lean red meat, and make dessert almost every day-of course they are mostly made with fruit!  we love homemade pizza and burgers and my meals have actually become more simple and easier to prepare which has been nice. there are so many amazing recipes online and i will continue to post some on this blog.  i have supportive family that enjoys my cooking and is willing to try new things.  if you are unhappy with how you feel, don't try to do an "all or nothing" change- just do little things throughout your day.  reach for food that has one, two ingredients at the most, that God created for us to enjoy, and as a new friend reminded me the other day, it's all about moderation.  

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