day five: the misses

deodorant:  well, i tricked you.  what i have been making all year is technically an "antiperspirant" and the original recipe i tried was found here. i made the solid and it worked so well!  it even got me through the hot texas summer.  what i loved the most about it was the fact that it didn't stain or rub off onto my mostly all black wardrobe.  the problem was that it gave me a slight rash.  i tweaked it and even tried other recipes, but my skin stayed slightly irritated.  i've gone back to crystal roll-on, which is made of mineral salts and can be found anywhere (usually on the bottom shelf).  it doesn't stain my clothes either!

the oil cleansing method:  i wanted this to work and didn't give up on it until quite recently.  i suffer from dry skin and last fall when i started doing this my skin became so supple.  it works in theory (oil dissolves oil).  i got all of my original information here and even thought i didn't have breakouts and my skin was soft, i didn't like the way my pores felt.  the day i switched back to my trusted aveeno, they opened up in thankfulness.

skin moisturizer:   this page really got me thinking.  if it's THAT good, why don't we just bathe in it?  well, i didn't to that, but i did try to use coconut oil as my body and face moisturizer.  it feels (and looks) amazing on the skin, but i found that it transferred to my hair somehow, leaving it greasy and limp, even when i just used it on my body.  

hair care:  homemade shampoo was the most massive fail of all.  i'm not going to even post the link.  i moved on to organic shampoos and tried several before i realized that as terrible as "sodium laurel sulfate" is supposed to be, my hair needs it to have some sort of shine and body.   i'm sticking with my suave professionals. 

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